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Forex Trading With Simple Setup
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 When you join this forum

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PostSubject: When you join this forum   When you join this forum Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 11:13 pm

Dear Friend,

When you join this forum what to do next.
Here is my guideline so that you get tune to forum and subject.
In other forums there are lot of stratergy and different systems are discussed, and we get lost in different system and realy don't know what is good and what is bad. lot of time and money get wasted in finding and trying different systems.
I have done same in my initial stage.

When you join forum first thing you do is fill up all necessary information about you in your profile so that we can understand you.
You can say hello in say hello thread.
Then see sample chart which are posted in General Discussion -> Sample charts
Next look at some buy/sell signal thread General Discussion -> BUY SELL Signals
Then read Regarding Setup and Eagle Logo
Then to see sample trade and chart go to General Discussion -> DEMO Account
After you done above get feel that there is something interesting in this stratergy.

You must Read Risk Warning

Then best is...... read section Understanding 5M

Aslo read thread Learning stages and Mental aspect and The Eureka Moment

Then just scan forum to read some post which you find interesting.

Then to know about setup go to thread Announcements Blog -> Google group created and apply for Subscription
In Google group i have posted material on how to arrange setup.
Once you get Subscription approval, make setup according to instruction given.
Then again see all chart and then you will able to clearly understand all chart posted in this forum.
Do not post complete screen shot of your setup in this forum...this we need to keep secret.

After this you need to watch setup on your demo account for atlest one week to get feel of price action.
Then you can share your observations or discussion with other forum members.
At any stage for any difficulty you can ask question

Once you understand Setup,then look back to your FX journey ,
You started with simple movig average and end at Simple moving average


Best Regards
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Number of posts : 30
Age : 57
Registration date : 2008-05-03

When you join this forum Empty
PostSubject: Update your profile   When you join this forum Icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2008 10:55 pm

Dear Members.

When you click Register You get registration page, there you fill username, email-address, password, and location,
After Clicking save button you submit registration,
after this you will receive activation code through e-mail, when you click on activation link which you received in your e-mail,,, you are successfully register in forum.

After this..login with your username, then click profile and fill information about you which will show your identity.

Note: register with your User id which you use in forex-factory or forex-TSD forum.

After registration and updating of profile...visit threads..see some sample chart....scan forum .
when you feel something is interesting, and want to learn further about setup. then click Usergroups, and subscribe to Eagle Eye usergroup.
After your subscription is approved. you will see Members area section where all setup and important things are posted.

Subscription to Eagle Eye usergroup group is only given to really interested members.

Best Regards
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When you join this forum
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